Fishing on Lake Kasshabog in the Kawarthas

fishing on the lake


Muskie Fishing

Muskie only represent 0.02% of the gamefish population in Ontario making Lake Kasshabog a significant fishery. The Ministry of Natural Resources heavily stocked Lake Kasshabog in the 80’s and 90’s resulting in an average size between 42″-46″.The following make Kasshabog an excellent muskie fishing lake:

  • 88 miles of rugged shoreline dotted with many islands and bays.
  • 13 natural spawning sites, which continue to increase the muskie population.
  • A lake structure of mainly northern granite and limestone which offsets the effects of acid rain.
  • Depth ranges from a few feet to over 115 ft. Average depth is approximately 20 ft.
  • Large areas of “cabbage” weeds and back bays with lily pads and stumps.

Over the years, Blue Mountain Lodge has hosted several Muskie Canada Live Release tournaments. These tournaments were successful with ample numbers of fish boated and released …. to be caught another day!

Muskie fishing peaks in the months of June and early July with a resurgence in September

bass fish

Bass & Panfish

Lake Kasshabog also has an excellent small-mouth and large-mouth bass population. With the lake consisting of many islands, bays and weedbeds, there is always another hotspot to discover. Large-mouth weighing up to 7 pounds have been caught right off of our docks while small perch and panfish provide hours of fishing entertainment for the kids.


Pickerel Fishing

Pickerel were reintroduced to Lake Kasshabog in the early 2000’s with a continuous stocking program by the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR).  The pickerel have begun to reproduce and now we have a vibrant pickerel population.  Fish sizes range from 14” to 25”.  Kasshabog has many weed beds and drop offs providing excellent habitat for walleye.